New WordPress theme

ScreenshotI finally had a chance to play with WordPress some more and learn all the in and outs of building a theme.  I just updated this site with my first WordPress theme.  I figured since I was going to start with a new theme I might as well make the theme use HTML5.  If you’re browsing with an older browser the site might look a little square but should render correctly.  I mainly concentrated on the backend and font styles for this theme and I figured when I have a chance I’d work on adding some color to the site.  As it stands right now it’s very grey.  If you’re browsing the site and something looks rendered wrong please let me know.  I only have so many browsers on my computers to test it with.

I did notice that when I implemented the menu some of the built in functions for WordPress render completely differently if you are using the default menu vs using a custom menu.  Ended up adding some additional code in the functions.php to deal with that.  Other than that I think WordPress has done a great job with many of their APIs.


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