WWDC Announced

In an unusual move by Apple they have announced the date and ticket sales ahead of time. This morning around 5:30 am PT I was waken to my monitoring app and greeted with this page. So now we’ll have to see how fast those tickets sell out. Last year it was around 2 hours, I’m […]

Adventures with HTML5 and offline content on an iPad

I’ve been thrown on a project at work where we need to make an app work completely offline.  The catch, the app was written in sencha touch (HTML5) and talkes to a web service for a whole range of content.  Some of those are interactive HTML elements and while others are videos.  Due to a […]

OS X Lion, initial impressions

After WWDC I really wanted to Apple’s new OS a try. Since there is no way I can move to a beta OS on my work computer I decided to give Lion at try on my personal MBP. I have a 13″ 2011 model with the i5 chip and 4 GB of ram. Since I […]

WWDC 2011

I had the opportunity through work to attend Apple’s Developer Conference this year.  This is my first time going and it was a lot of fun.  I was really impressed with what Apple announced. Since I’m under NDA I won’t discuss the specifics, but it looks like a lot of work that apple has been […]