OS X Lion, initial impressions

After WWDC I really wanted to Apple’s new OS a try. Since there is no way I can move to a beta OS on my work computer I decided to give Lion at try on my personal MBP. I have a 13″ 2011 model with the i5 chip and 4 GB of ram. Since I have a desktop I can use until Lion ships I felt I really didn’t have much to lose.

I’ve been using it for just about over a week now and I’m pretty happy with it.  Mission Control and full screen apps are just killer. I’ve found that safari is have a few issues in full screen mode so I stopped using it in that mode. The way the gestures work with the multiple desktops are very useful. I was developing the theme for this site using one desktop for Dreamweaver and one for Safari/Firefox/Chrome and it was like having two monitors.

So far the one software I’ve had issues with is XMarks for Safari. I’m guessing support will be there when the OS ships next month. I haven’t had a chance to try out Xcode beyond loading it up and making sure it works, so I won’t comment on that.  So far the OS hasn’t crashed on me at all and I rarely turn off my computer. I mainly put it to sleep when I’m no longer using it.  I hope to do a follow up after the OS ships and it’s no longer a Developer preview. I will say that I will be purchasing this OS as soon as it has been released and for $30 why wouldn’t you.


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